How to Get PCR Test for Travel?

COVID-19 has completely changed our view of most processes since its arrival. Especially the travelers experience frequent changes in the travel restrictions. Although in 2022, countries are unimposing the travel restrictions, you may still require a PCR test for travel.

As it's essential for travel, everyone is looking for an instant test report to continue the process. But it's creating a shortage of PCR kits, and laboratories even take more than 72 hours to provide a test result.

Interestingly, you can get a PCR test for travel using multiple ways without any inconvenience. That's why created a guide to lead you towards the five best ways to get PCR tests for travel near you. But before that, let's answer a most frequently asked question, "Do You Require PCR Tests for Travel in 2022?"

Here you go!


Do You Require PCR Tests for Travel in 2022?

Country restrictions:

As you know, every country has different traveling restrictions, especially for COVID-19. Countries like Bahrain, Sweden, France, and India have removed the compulsion of the PCR test. However, you require a proper COVID-19 test report if you're traveling to the USA.

In simple terms, PCR test requirements depend on the country's restrictions to which you're traveling.


Health concerns:

Besides restrictions, your health conditions also impact the need for a PCR test for travel in 2022. A person with COVID-19 symptoms such as cough, cold, red eyes, fever, etc., must have a PCR test. Even if a person is diagnosed with COVID-19 earlier, they may require a travel test.

However, some countries allow you to skip the test if your health is stable. But wait! If you're going to the USA from the UK, a PCR test is compulsory whether your health is stable or not.



As we know, the COVID-19 vaccination has given new hope and a weapon against the epidemic. But 52million people in the UK are still pending to get a second dosage of vaccination. If you're one of those, you must have a PCR test report for travel.

Also, vaccination only safeguards you from infection, but it doesn’t guarantee that you will not get COVID-19. That's why countries like the USA demand a complete PCR test report even if you're fully vaccinated.


5 Ways to Get PCR Tests for Travel:

After reading the above section, you know why you require a PCR test for travel. It's time to explore the most awaited part of this guide. Here are the top 5 ways to get PCR tests in the UK. Let’s give a deep dive into them and find out a way that works best for you.


RT-PCR Tests:

When it comes to PCR testing for travel, RT-PCR (Rapid PCR test) may strike everyone’s mind. As the name describes, rapid tests are quick, accurate, and easily available at most airports. If you're traveling from the UK to the USA, you can instantly get your PCR report at the airport only.

Every traveler looks for a quick report and relies on RT-PCR while traveling. But that's what creates a long line of RT-PCR booths at the airport. Hence, you have to stand in the queue for hours if you randomly attempt to get a PCR report.

Thus, we recommend booking an appointment with the RT-PCR booth and getting yourself tested without waiting for hours.


Visit a Laboratory:

It's traditional or says the most used way to get PCR test for travel. In this, you can visit any government-approved laboratory near your home or workplace. But how will you know whether it's a government-approved lab or not?

The best way to find out is to check the lab or test provider on GOV.UK list. Especially if you're traveling, officials only accept the report provided by a lab that meets UK government standards.

Besides this, another complication is the shortage of PCR kits in labs, and you may have to wait for up to 4 days to get your reports.


Express Clinic:

The rapid test ensures quick reports, but the need appointment while choosing a laboratory is lengthy and complicated. How about an option that is quick and convenient? Express click or urgent care is a walk-in booth and offers the fastest reports when compared to other options.

You don't require an appointment or schedule to visit express clinics. Just enter both, follow the test process and get your reports in a few minutes. However, it's quite costlier than RT-PCR and lab testing.


Buy COVID-19 Collection Kit:

We are living in 2022, and everything is available online. Thus, you can buy a COVID-19 collection kit from any trusted online store like Amazon. Don't worry! Kits available online are FDA-approved and completely safe for your health.

Once you have collected the sample, you can ship it to the provider and get the result within 24 hours. The only problem is any technical error in receiving or dispatching mail can lead to an unexpected delay in test reports.


Consult PCR kit provider:

We may have mentioned it in the last, but it's the most convenient way to get PCR to test for travel. FDA-approved kit providers ship easy-to-use PCR test kits at your home. In most cases, kit providers ship 24/7 throughout the year to keep you ready for travel.

If we talk about the result, you can expect results via SMS/Email 24 hours after receiving a sample. They have dedicated lab partners with an expert clinical team that ensures on-time delivery of results.


Will PCR tests be scrapped for travel?

UK citizens spend 68-170 pounds on each test, and everyone has some common questions. Will PCR tests be scrapped for travel? When will PCR testing end for travel? If you have the same questions in mind, you will get the answers right here!

According to The Sunday Times, the UK government has decided to pull off pre and post-arrival restrictions. But there are some exemptions that you must know! Firstly, every traveler must have both doses of vaccination, and travel from the UK to the USA may still require PCR tests.

In December 2021, Boris Johnson (British Prime Minister) declared relief from Plan B restrictions imposed due to the Omicron variant. It means you can expect the PCR test to be scrapped for travel in a few months.



When it comes to traveling abroad, everyone has concerns about PCR tests for travel. Looking at the various ways, consulting a PCR kit provider sounds the most convenient way. Here a question arises, where to find a PCR kit provider near you?

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