How to Get a Covid Recovery Certificate for Travel in the UK?


How to Get a Covid Recovery Certificate for Travel in the UK?

How to travel after testing Covid positive? How to get a covid recovery certificate UK? Travelers who have tested Covid positive earlier has too many questions in their minds during the travel. It's obvious too! Despite vaccination, airport authorities adhere to the country's Covid-19 travel guidelines and ask for a recovery certificate if was tested positive.

Whether you're vaccinated or not, it's necessary to have a covid recovery certificate during the travel. When you recover from Covid 19, your body produces natural immunity. Here the recovery certificate displays your Covid 19 status and ensures you're fit to fly.

Let's get back to our main question, "how to get a recovery certificate for Covid in the UK?" Interestingly, it's an easy 4-step procedure to get the Covid recovery certificate. But before that, you would like to know what is Covid recovery certificate and what makes you eligible for it.

Here you go!


What is a Covid Recovery Certificate?

A Covid recovery certificate is a document that confirms you tested positive but are now fully recovered for travel. It's a government-signed certificate with the Covid history, symptoms, type of test, and the result.

Also, a Covid recovery certificate is GMC (General Medical Council)-an approved certificate provided by a general practitioner. The certificate includes your personal details, passport number, vaccination status, and Covid 19 status for travel.

If you're looking to apply for a covid recovery certificate, it has dedicated eligibility criteria for every traveler. Let's see what makes you eligible for a Covid 19 recovery certificate after testing Covid positive.


Eligibility for Covid Recovery Certificate:

Positive Test Result:

Your Covid positive test is the primary reason why you need a Covid recovery certificate. However, there are some points to take care of. A Covid recovery certificate is issued to the person who has a positive test report of at least seven days ago.

If you tested positive before that, the maximum acceptable age of covid positive test report is 180 days.


Full Recovery from Covid-19:

Besides the reports, the certificate is provided to those fully recovered from Covid-19 and its symptoms. Only an individual who recovered from Covid not more than six months ago is eligible for the recovery certificate.

Also, the recovery here includes recovery from coronavirus, proteins, and symptoms, and completion of the self-isolating period.


Vaccination Status:

The vaccination status of the travelers determines how many doses of vaccination they had and at what time. If you want to apply for a Covid recovery certification, there's no compulsion you need to be fully vaccinated.

Whether you’re fully vaccinated or not, you are eligible for the Covid recovery certificate and can travel to any country without any hassles.


Application for Minor:

As you know, CDC has guided every individual above two years old to have Fit to Fly and Covid recovery certificates to travel. But there's an exemption for individuals below 18 years old. An individual below 18 years old or a minor cannot directly apply for the Covid recovery certificate.

If you have children below 18 years old, you need to apply for their recovery certificate on your own on their behalf. An applicant could be a parent or any guardian that takes care of the child's concerns.


Step by Step Provider to Get a Covid Recovery Certificate:

You asked how to get a recovery certificate Covid UK, so here you are! We have created a step-by-step procedure with only four easy steps for a better understanding. You can easily get a GMC-certified Covid recovery certificate for travel following the below steps.

Let’s explore them all!


Choose a Medium:

The process of how to get a recovery certificate in UK starts with choosing a medium or platform to apply the certificate. In this, you have three options, including the NHS Covid application, COVIDCert NI app, and government-listed testing service providers.

From all these, we recommend going with a testing service provider to apply for a recovery certificate without any hassles.


Submit Information:

Whether you choose NHS or a service provider as a medium, the submission process will stay the same. In this step, you need to submit your information, including your positive Covid test, clinical report, passport number, destination of travel, and general information.

You can submit your positive Covid test report in a JPEG, screenshot, or PDF form on the website. If we talk about the tests, all the mediums accept PCR and antigen Covid test reports. Rest you can consult with the service provider to get more information on this.


Apply for Covid Certificate:

Hurray! You have submitted all the details and are just a click away to apply for your recovery certificate. Once you have clicked the button, the process of your selected medium will start. For instance, the COVIDCert NI app provides a dedicated app notification and text message when your certificate is ready.

Before you apply, we recommend rechecking the details and confirming the accuracy for hassle-free acceptance of your request.


Get Your Covid Recovery Certificate:

It may be the last but an important step of how to get a certificate of recovery from Covid regulatory authorities. After the approval, you receive a QR code-based recovery certificate including your full name and other details.

An authenticate recovery certification has a signature of a GMC registered general practitioner (GP). However, we recommend not accepting or asking for amendments if you find mistakes or lack of proper information on the certificate.


Conclusion: How Do I Get a Covid Recovery Certificate in UK?

Getting a GMC signed and verified certificate is quite easy and ensures hassle-free traveling. As discussed above, you have three options to easily get a recovery certificate from travel. But government listed service providers have efficient technology and quickly provide a detailed certificate.

For instance, Skyway Testing is a government-listed testing service provider that works with leading-edge technology. We provide Covid recovery certificates signed by GMC GP in a few hours after the submission.

If you want to know more about applying for or verifying your certificate, call us now or drop us an email for the detailed information.