How to Get a Lateral Flow Test Kit? — An Ultimate Guide to Buy Lateral Flow Test Kits in the UK

How to Get a Lateral Flow Test Kit? — An Ultimate Guide to Buy Lateral Flow Test Kits in the UK

When it comes to traveling abroad, Covid testing and fit to fly certificates are the major concerns for every traveler. Most individuals look for lab-based PCR tests that usually take 24-72 hours to provide fit to fly certificate.

However, not every country requires a PCR test to allow your arrival or departure. If you're not traveling to the USA, you can quickly test yourself with the lateral flow test kit. It's a quick and self-swab test that provides results within 15 minutes and is fit to fly a certificate within a few hours.

But how to get a lateral flow test kit in the UK? Or where can I get a lateral flow test kit? Similarly, there are various frequently asked questions regarding lateral flow test kits. If you also have the same questions on your mind, our detailed guide will help you.

We have researched and added various ways to get a lateral flow test kit near you. Furthermore, this guide will also lead you to some aspects to consider before buying a lateral flow test kit for Covid-19. Let's see what is lateral flow test first, and we have a lot more for you on the list!


What is a Lateral Flow Test?

A covid-19 lateral flow test is a rapid diagnostic test used to detect coronavirus proteins in the body. It's an antigen test that helps you detect viral proteins of SARS COV-2 (antigens) even if there are no symptoms.

Like PCR testing, it includes sample collection from the deep inside of your throat and nose. But lateral flow test works with immunoassay technology with antigen-antibody reactions. When you pour the sample into a nitrocellulose membrane, the colored nanoparticles display the results. For instance, you will see a colored line if there's a presence of viral proteins.

Despite an easy process, the lateral flow test is highly accurate and offers specificity of over 97%. That's why lateral flow fit to fly certificates are acceptable in 70+ countries including France, and Greece.


Where Can I Get a Lateral Flow Test Kit?

Your wait is over! We have answered both frequently asked questions "How to get a lateral flow test?" and "Where can I get a lateral flow test kit?" at once. Here are the best ways in which you can get a certified lateral flow test kit at an affordable price.

Let’s explore them all!


NHS lateral flow test kits:

It's always a great idea to order lateral flow test kits from NHS's (National Health Service) official website. Mostly, each pack includes test kits for seven lateral flow tests, and you can order it every three days.

But the problem is only eligible personnel can order the lateral flow test kit. Whether you're buying a test kit for yourself or someone else, you need to check your eligibility on the NHS website.


Government Registered Pharmacies:

Like pregnancy test kits, lateral flow test kits are generally available in pharmacies. You can buy a lateral flow test kit from any governed registered pharmacy in the UK. But it’s not a great option if you’re buying a lateral flow test kit for travel.

The reason is you don’t get any doctor signed fit to fly certificate for travel. Thus, you have to apply for the certificate separately after testing yourself.


Order Online:

Why visit anywhere else when you can get a CE market lateral flow test kit at your doorsteps? Some testing service providers also sell their kits via Amazon or other e-commerce stores. Thus, you can get an FDA-approved and certified testing kit from government-listed providers.

If we talk about the results, they have links to customer portals where you can share test results and get the certificate within a few hours.


Testing Kit Providers:

Testing kit providers are the best answer to your question, "Where Do I get the Lateral Flow Test Kit?" You can buy original and certified test kits of government-listed service providers directly from their website.

If we compare, testing kit providers work with leading-edge technology and FDA-approved products. You get a doctor-signed fit to fly certificate within four hours instead of waiting 24 hours.


For instance, Skyway Testing is the industry's leading and government-listed testing service provider. We offer FDA-approved and GDPR complaint lateral flow test solutions at an affordable price. If you want to know more about our lateral flow test kit, contact us or click the button below!

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Top 5 Things to Consider While Buying Lateral Flow Test Kit:

Look for Certified Kits:

No matter what type of medicine or medical equipment you buy, certifications ensure your safety. In lateral flow test kits, look for compliance with FDA, GDPR, and CE standards for the best results. FDA ensures your health safety while GDPR standards keep your medical report secure. It will be a plus if a service provider adheres to SSL security and ISO standards.


Quick-Fit to Fly Certificate:

After reading the above sections, you may have noticed that how some kit sellers don't provide fit to fly certificates. That's why we recommend buying a kit from the service provider that provides a doctor signed fit to fly certificate for easy travel. For example, service providers like Skyway Testing can provide a verified certificate within just 4 hours.


High Accuracy:

As discussed earlier, a certified lateral flow test kit is highly accurate. But it usually depends on the product and service provider. Look for sensitivity above 90% and specificity above 97% to ensure accuracy. 



If you're buying test kits online, you have the highest chances to enjoy exciting discounts. You can compare different products or testing kit providers. If you're getting a certified and reliable testing kit at a discounted price, always go for that. For instance, Skyway Testing provides supervised lateral flow test kits that are available for a discounted price on its official website.


Refund or Money Back Policies:

Sometimes, it happens that we purchase a lateral flow test kit but have to cancel or postpone our trip. But it doesn't mean your investment in the test kit becomes a waste. Some service providers also offer a 100% refund or money-back guarantee in that scenario. Even if you are not satisfied with the results or certificate, you can also ask for your money back.



Now, you have an answer to your frequently asked question "how to get a lateral flow test kit?" You can easily buy a test kit in various ways discussed above. However, consulting a government-listed test provider is the best way among all.

If you're looking for a testing kit provider, Skyway Testing is the best place to end your research journey. We provide high-quality FDA-approved lateral flow test kits with doctor-signed fit to fly certificates. Whether you want to travel via train or flight, our test is accepted for every type of travel in 70+ countries.

Let's make you fit to fly within just 4 hours! Consult us today to contact our experts and get an FDA-approved kit within 24 hours.