What Covid Test Do I Need to Travel to USA?

What Covid Test Do I Need to Travel to USA?

Since Covid 19 arrival, every travel starts with the Covid testing and verification of fit to fly certificate. Especially if you're traveling to the USA from the UK, Covid tests must be your primary concern.

Interestingly, USA’s travel restrictions and Covid guidelines are quite different when compared to other countries. Whether you say testing or quarantine, you need to adhere to various Covid guidelines. That’s what makes Covid testing essential for travel to the USA from the UK.

Here a question arises, what Covid test do I need to travel to USA? Most travelers have this question in their minds because there are multiple Covid tests available on the market. If you're one of those travelers, our guide will help you choose the right test to travel to the USA.

Not only do we explain every test, but our guide also features other travel regulations for the USA. Keep reading the guide until the end for an expanded view.

It’s time to get started!


Do I Still Require Covid Test to Travel USA in 2022?

With the start of Covid vaccination, most countries have lifted the Covid regulations. You don't require any Covid test or fit to fly certificate to travel to countries such as Norway, Ireland, and Mexico. However, you still require a certified Covid test report to travel USA in 2022.

But the story doesn't end here! According to CDC, every traveler above two years of age is necessary to verify a negative Covid test while traveling. Even the test should not be older than one day before your flight to the USA. Besides the test, US authorities also may ask you for self-quarantine if you’re not fully vaccinated. 


What Covid Test Do I Need to Travel to USA?

Here’s the answer to your most frequently asked question, “What Covid test do I need to travel to USA?" The US authorities have created a standard that every traveler requires a SARS-CoV-2 viral test with NAATs and antigen tests.

Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (NAAT) is a viral diagnostic test to detect SARS-CoV-2 in the body using nucleic acids. For instance, you can take PCR tests or Rapid PCR (RT-PCR) tests as an example of the NAAT test.

Conclusively, you have three test options accepted for USA travel, including lateral flow test, PCR test, and LAMP test. Let's explore them all!

Lateral Flow Tests:

A lateral flow test (LFT) is a rapid diagnostic test based on immunoassay technology. This rapid test detects viral proteins using antigen-antibody reactions. Also, it's a self-swab test in which you collect a sample from your nose and throat and get results within just 15 minutes.

The best thing about lateral flow tests is they are convenient, fast, accurate, and cost-effective. Interestingly, you get a doctor signed fit to fly certificate within 4 hours, depending on the testing service provider.


PCR Tests:

PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test is the most accurate test and widely accepted test for Covid-19. It's a laboratory-based viral test that detects coronavirus proteins in your body with gold-standard accuracy. Like LFT, this fit to fly test for USA also include sample collection from the nose and throat.

However, final testing is performed in a government-approved laboratory. You can expect the test results and fit to fly certificated within 24-72 hours, depending on the testing service provider.


LAMP Tests:

LAMP (Loop-Medicated Isothermal Amplification) test is a molecular diagnostic test designed to detect SARS-CoV-2. Although it's a NAAT test, LAMP testing doesn’t require any lab processing. LAMP test is a self-swab test supervised via telehealth.

Just collect the sample by swabbing your nose and throat and submitting it on the customer portal. Once the test is verified, you can expect results within 45 minutes.


Other Travel Regulations for the USA:

1-day old Covid test:

US authorities only accept Covid test results not older than one day. Here the one day doesn't mean 24 hours. The authorities have given the flexibility of a 1-day time frame based on the date of test and date of flight.

For instance, suppose you have a flight to the USA from the UK at 2 pm on Tuesday. Even if you have tested yourself at 9 am Monday, your test reports will be accepted for travel.


Quarantine Rules:

In 2022, quarantine depends on your vaccination status and overall health conditions. According to CDC, only travelers who are not fully vaccinated need a quarantine of full seven days. Also, you may require Covid testing on days 3-5 after travel.

Any breach of Covid testing during the quarantine period may lead to a self-quarantine for up to 10 days. As the regulations keep changing, we recommend checking the updated information on the CDC website.


Fit to Fly certificate:

US authorities always for fit to fly test for USA travel based on the tests discussed above. It's a doctor signed and verified certificate that ensures the travel doesn't have any viral proteins in the body. As it accepts lab tests, you need a fit to fly certificate from government-listed providers only.

We recommend choosing a service provider that offers a QR code-based certificate for better convenience. Just show the certificate, get it scanned, and you're ready to rock your USA trip.


Covid Testing:

While exploring the Covid test before flying to USA, you may have noticed different tests have different features. But the good thing is three of them are accepted for travel to the USA. Meanwhile, you require a test kit from the service provider that ensures gold-standard accuracy.

A gold standard is the highest accuracy standard in Covid testing and offers above 97% sensitivity and specificity.


Conclusion: Where to Get Covid Test Kit for Travel to USA?

In the end, you know the answer to "What Covid Test Do I Need to Travel to USA?". But how you're planning to get a Covid test or test kit for travel? Standing in the queues for lab testing and waiting for 72 hours to get results is not a cool idea.

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